We chose Paypal since they are giving 100% of all donations directly to the charities they have partnered with in this effort. Paypal is charging no processing fees to you or to the charities. Also, they have a very good selection of charities to choose from, including the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, as well as some specific to Asian-Pacific countries.

Simply choose your charity, the dollar amount, enter your name if you’d like, then click on the Paypal logo. You will then be taken to the Paypal website. If you have Paypal account already, you will login and complete your donation. Otherwise, you can set up a new account and then finish making your donation to charity of your choice. Paypal receives your donation and disperses funds directly to the charity.

We like that Paypal accepts donations of any size, whether 25¢ or $25. On Small Amounts, we encourage everyone to donate what they can, whether it’s small change or small bills, or even a big donation. The main thing is that everyone can help out, whether big or small – and every donation makes a difference.

Paypal has partnered with MissionFish to handle donations:

MissionFish, PayPal’s nonprofit partner, is a social enterprise of the Points of Light Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (Federal Tax ID: 65-0206641).

When you click to make your donation on Paypal, the first page will say that donations are administered by MissionFish. You will not see the name of the charity you chose at this point. After you login, or set up an account, you will be asked to confirm your donation. Again, the page will not show the charity name. When you confirm your donation, at that point the final page will in fact show the charity you first chose here on Small Amounts, as well as the dollar figure you donated. Here is a screen shot showing a donation to the Salvation Army: