Please help with the disaster relief effort for Japan by giving a small amount to the charitable organization of your choice.

Often you see big numbers related to charitable giving, and the dollar figures can be daunting.  Here on Small Amounts, we encourage you to give what you can – 50¢, $1, any contribution you make will help.  Consider this: if 10,000 people each gave 50¢, that would wind up being a $5,000 donation to help with the recovery efforts in Japan.

100% of what is donated here will go to help the people of Japan.  There are no operational or administrative costs related to donating on this site – every penny you give will go to charitable organizations helping with the relief effort in Japan.

You choose the organization you wish to donate to below and the dollar amount. Then, Paypal will process your donation. No money at all goes to this site; we simply present your options for donating to the disaster assistance needed in Japan, and Paypal does the rest. Again, 100% of your donation will go to the charity of your choice.

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